At Premium Pulman Pvt. ltd. for every equipment and component and component, Drawings are prepared by Design Department stating all critical dimensions and material of construction. These Drawings are approved by Incharge of the Department.

Quality :
We are in the designing and manufacturing of flawless grinding machines which provide quality products for use in various industrial purposes. Our products have been successful in delivering the desired output as per the requirements of the customers.

Designs and Drawings :
As a reputed brand we adhere as per the approved drawings from the Design department for all our equipments and components. All detailed specifications are clearly stated in all the drawings which include the dimensions and constructional details.

Inspection at Vendor’s place :
Procurement of components and raw materials from vendors are thoroughly checked and inspected to avoid any flaw in the materials. Materials are arranged from the list of approved vendors who are well recognized in the manufacturing industry. In case of any materials or components are received where defects are then observed in such cases they are processed in our special units where heat treatments, surfacing and galvanizing processes are carried out.

Testing and test reports of raw material :
Raw materials are subjected to intensive quality checks in the quality and assurance department for ensuring the degree of superiority of the materials. Test reports are attained and are attached with all the raw materials which conform the testing as per the design specifications. Test reports related to raw materials in the form of alloy steel and stainless steel are obtained at the time of procurement.

Component Inspection :
Precision methods are implied for carrying out the inspection on the components to attain the desired tolerances and the specified parameters as per the requirement before being installed in the equipments or final supply of the components in the market as spare parts.

Raw material procurement :
Quality standards are maintained in the procurement of the raw materials which are as per the specifications. Superlative materials are ensured which comply with the guidelines and are stringently inspected before being used in the production of the machines.

Packaging and shipment :
Packaging forms an important part of our activity which depends on the machine dimensions, weight and shape. Equipments are arranged in wooden boxes or crates based on the shipment to withstand handling during the transit and storage.

20 point inspection of complete machine :
Getting all the vital points cleared and inspected as per the chart which incorporates all the features and parameter specifications is an important activity prior to dispatch.

Load and No load testing :
Machines manufactured are administered and tested before being cleared for further painting and packaging processes. This is tested on the basis of certain norms which are pre-conceived as per the requirement and approvals are required from the quality and control department. Testing is carried out to check for No load current consumption, heating of bearings, noise level and vibration.

Sub Assembly Inspection and testing :
Sub assemblies are repaired parts from the inspected components. In conditions where such a requirement is observed, then the arrangement is made either in the vendor’s place in coordination with them or internally in our special units. Only after clearance from the quality control department the assemblies are processed for final assembling in the machines.

For Plants and Systems :
We also undertake turnkey projects which include design, supply, manufacturing, installation of projects and systems. The same procedures are followed in such projects also to avoid deviation in quality. The equipments are manufactured as per the approved designs and parameter specifications as per the requirements. These are then inspected by the quality control team before the final delivery. All the process is in sync with each other to ensure proper and qualitative work.

Maintenance manual :
Drawings, critical specification and details related to the machines, installation procedures and list of wear out components are supplied along with all the machineries.