Uruli Roaster Model Urb-10

Deluxe Type With Improved Gear System And Built In Collection Tray

Capacity : 10 Kg./Batch 30 Kg./Hour For Rice Powder (For Other Product Output Depends On Their Nature)

URPLI ROASTER MODEL URB - Vertical Mixer Manufacturer

Uruli Roaster Model Urb-25

Standard Type (For Job Work)

Capacity :10 Kg./Batch 30 Kg./Hour for Rice Powder (For other product output depends on their nature)

URPLI ROASTER MODEL URB 25pg, Pulverizer Manufacturer India

Uruli Roaster Model Urb-60 With Thermal Insulation

This Is A Mechanised Form Of Kerala’s Traditional Pan Type Roasting Vessel Generally Konwn As Uruli. This Machine Is Recommended For Roasting Of Powders, Grains, Pulses Etc. It Is Available From 10 Kg To 60 Kg Per Batch. LPG Is Used As Fuel.

Capacity : 60 Kg./Batch 30 Kg./Hour For Rice Powder (For Other Product Output Depends On Their Nature)

Thermal Insulation materials

Ss Cladded Thermal Insulation

It Is A Glass Wool Filled SS Cladded Thermal Insulation. It Is Fitted Arount The Standard Flame Guard Of The Rotating Vessel To Minimize The Radiation Loss And Also Act As Safety Guard To The Operator.


For Traditional Method Preparation

Do At Your Restaurant, Delicacies Lack That Lip-Smacking Aroma And Tongue Tickling Softness ? And For That Matter, Does The Spice Powder-Mix Fail To Attain The Right Flavour ? If The Answer Is Yes, It Is Impreactive That You Change The Methods Of Grain Powder Preparation And Spice Powder Preparation And Spice Powder Blending Existing In Your Restaurant Or Production Centres. Now You Can Have A Sigh of Reliefl. Introducing Premium Uruli Roster. Essentially It Is A Dry Trier And Desiccator, Industrial Roaster Manufacturer. The Accurate Substitute To The Prevailing Manual Methods Of The Same. Premium Roasters Are The Following Flour Models.

Functional Advantages

  • As the vessels and stirrers do not touch each other, wear and tear of both will be minimum.
  • The Uruli is supported by long lasting bearings.
  • The machine parts coming into contact with grain powder or spice mix are or stainless steel or alluminium,
    changes of staining is completely eliminated.

This Marvelous Machine Consists Of

  • An alluminium URULI with attached stirrer cum blender.
  • Electric Motor and collection tray common for all models.
  • Provision for manual operation in case of power failure for URB 10 & 25.
  • Trolly to carry the discharged powder for URB 60.
  • A heating system from among the following : a) LPG system consisting of burner(s), connection pipe, N. C. Val ve & adapter. b) Kerosene system consisting of burner(s), connection pipe, fuel tank and a foot pump. c) Electric heater consisting of high quality tubular heaters with thermal insulations and control switch. Power for Electric Heater : URB-10 – 4kw, URB-25 – 6.5 Kw, URB-60 – 12Kw.

Operating Principle

A Small Motor Rotates A Pan (Uruli), The Stirrers Placed Conveniently Inside The Uruli Blends And Throughly Ploughs The Material From Top To Bottom. At The Same Time The Material Is Dry Fried Evenly By The Heating System.

Brief Specification

No.ModelPower (Hp./Ph.)No.of Burners Kero/LPGCapacity ofVessels (Kg.)Capacity of Keros. tank (Kg.)Output for rice (Letr./Hr.)No.of StirrersFuel Kerosene (Letr./Hr.)
1URB 10 (Standard Model)0.25/11 / 145/10103031
2URB 10 (Deluxe)0.25/11 / 145/10103031
3URB 250.5/12 / 195/20208042.5
4URB 601.5/33 /21200/603010063.6

Operation :

  • Clean the machine.
  • Check the positions of the stirrers.
  • Use the foot pump to pressurise the fuel chamber.
  • Start the motor to rotate the vessel.
  • Fire the burners and allow the vessel to be heated up for 3-5 minutes.
  • Feed —– material to the vessel.
  • When sufficient roasting is achieved, pull out the plunger in the middle of the vessel and direct the material to the center of the vessel.
  • Roasted material will be collected in the tray kept at the bottom, without stopping the machine and burner(s)
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