General About Premium Pellet Mill

Basically the purpose of pelleting is to take a nely devised, some time dusty, unpalatable and difcult to handle feed material and by application of heat, moisture and pressure form it into larger particles. These larger particles or pellets are easier to handle, more palatable and usually result in improved feeding results when compared to mesh feed.

The modern type pellet mills use a ring type die turning about two  in a vertical plane and consist of following component parts :-

  • Feeder
  • Conditioning chamber
  • Pelleting device
  • Speed reduction device
  • Prime mover
  • Base
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The feeder is screw type and is equipped with a variable speed electric drive for speed control. The purpose of the feeder is to provide constant, controlled and even ow of feed to the mixing and pelletizing operation. Any variation in this ow results in poor conditioning and a variable products.

Conditioning is accomplished by the addition of controlled amounts of steam. Addition of steam supplies moisture for lubrication, liberates natural oils and in some cases results in partial geletinisation of starches.

In the pelleting unit the conditioned mash is forced through perforation in the die by roller pressure and gets compressed and forms into pellets. Adjustable knives cut pellets into desired lengths.

As the die speed is always less then the motor speed, speed reduction is provided through V-belt drive.


  • Ideal for Research laboratories / small production
  • Compact – occupies less space
  • Can Be Provided With Feeder – Conditioner
  • The Die – Head Assembly Is Rotated By Electric Motor And Gear Box.
  • The Die – Ring / Roller Rotation Provide Pressure An Heat Generation Improves Binding Condition.
  • Hot water/ steam can be added.
  • The DIE – HEAD can be removed very easily
  • The DIE – RING   and ROLLER made out of ALLOY steel and are hardened.
  • Die – head have tapered radial valve to facilitate PELLETE forming of  desired diameters
  • The length of Pellet can be controlled by adjustable knife cutter
  • Capacity 75   Kg/Hr   of 8   m.m  Ø  Pellet, 50   Kg/hr    of 4   mm   Ø Pellet   and  25 Kg/Hr of 2.35 mm Ø.
  • Power Consumption 10 + 1 H.P. for Screw Feeder
  • Die Ring Dia. (Approx) – 350 mm
  • Space required (L x B x H) 1300 x 1225 x 2100.
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  • Available In Two Sizes I.E.1 Mt / Hr And 2 Mt / Hr Of 8 Mm Ø Pellets
  • Mills Are With Conditioner And Screw Feeder
  • Ideal For Small Modest Commercial Production.
  • Shear Pin Protection From Over Loading
  • Die – Ring And Rolls Are Accurately Machined From Special Alloy Steel  And Are Properly Heat Treated.
  • Powerful Magnet Is Provided To Avoid Any Iron Particles Entering Pellet Mill
  • Screw Feeder Conveyer And Down Spout Are Made From Stainless Steel  To Avoid Corrosion.
  • The Dia Of Pellet And Length Of Pellet Is Decided By Dia Of Hole In Die-Ring And Position Of Knife Cutter.
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The Ingredients Used For Making Fish Feed, Shrimp Feed And Prawn Feed Are Fish-Meal, Shrimp Waste, De-Oiled Soya Flakes, Bone Cum Meat Meal Ete. These Ingredient Required Cooking /Gelatising Before Pelletizing. Premium Multi Conditioner Pellet Mills Have More Then One Conditioner Besides Screw Feeder. The Size And No. Of Conditioner Will Depend Upon Type Of Aqua Feed To Be Produced And Type Ofi Ngredients Used. Direct Steam Is Injected Into Mixed Feed. The Higher Moisture At Higher Temperature And Higher Retention Time Will Improve Gelatisation All Conditioners Are Having Steam Jackets And Are Made Of S.S. And Have Variable Speed. The Multi Conditioner Pellet Mill Are Used For Aqua Feed Manufacture In Various Capacities And Size Of Hole Of Pellet Die Ring Is From 1.8 Mm Ø To 3.00 Mm Ø

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To Convert Fiberous Agricultural Waste Like Straws Into Pellets For Ruminients, To Convert Wood Flakes / Powder In Wood Pellets And To Convert Coal / Wood Waste Into Pellets Of 12mmø And Above Premium Pellet Mills Are Manufactured In Different Capacities With Appropriate Die Ring / Rollers And Drive Mechanism To Unconventional Pplication For Rumanians And Unconventional Energy Source The Size / Model Is Selected Based Upon Capacity



Nish, Design Of Rolls And Die-Holder Gives Extra Life To Pellet Mill.Premium Senior Pellet Mills Are Available In Three Seizes I.E. Senior, Super Senior And Super-Max Senior And Are Capable Of Producing 5 Mt/Hr, 7.5 Mt/Hr And 10 Mt/Hr Pellet Of 8 M.M Ø. Smaller The Dia Of Pellet Less Will Be Out Put. Ron Particles All Contact Parks Like Screw Feeder, Conditioner, Down Spout Are Made Out Of S.S., To Provide Protection Against Corrosion. Doors, Windows And Hinged Covers Are Provided To Facilitate Cleaning And Have Easy Accessibility To Die-Ring And Holders.Correct Selection Of All Bearings, Dynamic Balancing Of V-Pulleys, Selection Of V-Belts,No Of V-Grooves, Safety Shear Pins, Size Of Chambers, Location Of Knife Cutters, Size Of Holes Its Taper And Premium Senior Pellet Mills Are Robust In Construction And Are Designed For Continuous Production In Automatic Feed Plants. They Are Feed And Have Steam Connection The Pellet Mill Have Three Major Sections. (1) Feeder (2) Conditioning Chamber (3) Pelleting Device Besides Speed Reduction, Prime Mover And Base Frame. The Capacity Of Pellet Mill Is Designed By Size Die-Ring I.E. Inner Dia, Width And Size Of Hole. The Design Of Pellet Mills Gives Maximum Out Put Per Unit Consumption Of Electric Power Safely And Protection Against Entrance O


  • Comprising Heavy Sheet Steel Body, Die-Ring  Pair Of Press Rolls And Die-Holder And Scrapers
  • Screw/Paddle Type Feeder-Conditioner In S. S. Constructions,  Magnet,  Digital  Electronic Thermometer,  Steam  Injection /  Condensate Removal System And Necessary Drive Arrangement.
  • Safety Limit Switch And Shear Pin Arrangement.
  • Apairofadjustablepelletcuttingknives.
  • Manual Safely Flap Valve
  • Common Steel Base For Pellet Mill And Motor  With Vibration Dampers
  • Pelleting Chamber Cover For Accessibility Of Diering And Rolls
  • Capacity 5 Mt/Hr And 7.5 Mt/Hr Of 8 Mm Ø
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  • Adjustable Paddle Type FEEDER In S. S. Construction With Flanged  Inlet,  Cleaning  DOOR  Having  Variable  Speed Drive.
  • Anged Inlet For Steam And Condensate Removal Arranged In S.S. Construction.Twin Shaft Paddle Type Conditioner With Two Independent Motors, Magnet
  • DIE RING Made Out Of EN – 353, Pair Of Press Rolls Made Out Of EN -8.
  • Front & Rear Scrapers
  • Safety Limit Switch And Shear Pin Arrangement.
  • Adjustable Pellet Cutting Knives
  • Ap ValvePneumatically Operated Safety
  • Capacity 10 MT/Hr Of 8 Mm Ø
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