• Four Zones – Feeding Zone, Compression Zone, Cooking Zone & Cooling Zone.
  • Electrically Heated Barrel With Bend Heater.
  • Thrust Block – It Is Provided With Special Thrust Bearing.
  • The Barrel Has Steam Jacket & Water Cooling Jacket.
  • Provision Of Rotating Cutter.
  • Facility Of A.C. Variable Speed For Extruder Screw, Feeder & Rotating Cutter.
  • Power Is Transmitted From Motor To Gear Box By ‘V’ Belt.
  • Important Parts (Main Screw, Die And Cutter) Made Out Of S.S.
  • Special Design Of Screw Pitch / Depth.
Manufacturer of Ayurvedic Herbal Grinding Plant
Technical Specifications
MODELH.PBARREL DIAMETERCapacity/Hr. (Approx.) Kg./Hr.Space Require (Approx.) L X B X H
PSCE-5010 + 175 M.M. DIA.10 KG. / 25 KG.1.5 x 0.6 x 1.4
PSCE-10010 + 1100 M.M. DIA.25 KG. / 50 KG.1.80 x 0.6 x 1.5
PSCE-15015 + 2150 M.M. DIA.50 KG. / 100 KG2.0 x 7.5 x 1.5
PSCE-20030 + 3200 M.M. DIA.150 KG. / 250 KG.2.2 x 1.0 x 1.7

Preparation Of Feed Materials :-

Proper Preparation Of Feed Is Very Important. Adequate Water Has To Be Added Which Is To Be Properly Mixed With The Feed Materials And To Be Kept At Least 30 Minutes Before Feeding To The Extruder. The Quantity Of Water Should Be Such That After Mixing And Tempering It Should Be Still Free Flowing. It May Be Noted That Premium Extruder Cannot Handle Pasty Materials The Feed Funnel Is Filled With Feed Materials And It Is Operate When It Starts Feeding To The Extruder Barrel, Single Screw Extruder Machine. At The Same Time The Extruder Motor Is Operated And The Extruded Product Stabilises, The Cutter Motor Is Operated At Proper Speed To Cut The Extruded Product To Desired Size. After Finishing The Operation About 200 Gm. Soyabean Powder Is Passed Without Dies To Clean The Screw.

Controlpanel :

Premiumsingle Screw Extruder Is Supplied With Control Panel. Starters, Switches, Meters Are Provided With The Control Panel Which Is Desk-Type And Is Kept Near Extruder For Easyof Operation.

Caution :

The Premium Extruder Should Not Be Operated Without Feed Materials Except For Short Time Operation To Check The Rotation. The Twin – Screw Are Corotating While Viewing From Cutter Side, Should Be Antideck-Wise. Cutter Also Should Be Rotates Anticlockwise. Cutter Should Be Operated By Hand To Check Up Whether It Touches The Front Portion Of Die . The Die Plate Should Be Fully Tightened

Variable Factors :

Premium Extruder gives optimum results when the following factors are properly proportioned .

  1. Formulation of feed materials with proper viscosity and water content(Duly Absorbed On The Feed Material).
  2. RPM of the extruder – It should be operated between say 400-450 and then adjusted according to the desired quality of extrudates.
  3. Dies – Total cross-sectional area of die holes is very important for fish-feed. It is Important that the extrudates do not flashes out steam which make it spongy.

Steam Boiler :

As Steam Is Required To Be Supplied To Jacket Of Barrel Of Extruder, Depending Upon The Size Of Extruder, Steam Boiler Is Part Of Extruder Plant. For Lab Model Plant Or Small Size (Say Upto 50 Kg./Hr.) Electric Steam Boiler Is Supplied.

Herb Grinding Machine Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Air Swept Pulverizer offered by Premium Pulman