PREMIUM Bag Weigher is an essential equipment in units producing large quantity of powders and which is to be bagged for convenience in marketing. The contents are accurately weighed and both the buyer an seller can be absolutely sure of weight. This is especially in demand where the valued of products is high and the customer is critical.

The PREMIUM Bag Weigher is positioned between the source of powder (like storage bin etc.) and bag stitching machine. The filled bag can then be directly loaded on to the truck.

The operation of the Bag Weigher is very simple. The bag is positioned and clamped by bag holder. The clamping is manual in model is MS(Manual Stop) and AS(Automatic Stop) and automatic in EPS (Electro Pneumatic Stop) Model.

The filling of the bag is started by actuating the filler lever. The Bag Weigher is pre-caliberated when exact quantity of the material is filled in the bag, the flow will be stopped automatically of manually depending on the model. Then the bag is declamped and passed on to the stitching machine.

One of the special feature of the PREMIUM Bag Weigher is the flying dust at the time of filling the bag does not come outside the equipment as suitable dust seal is provided which acts as aspirator.

Angle of Repose of some of the Common Materials

  • Bakelite and Similar Plastic powder – 45
  • Carbon black Powder – 30 to 44
  • Cast Iron Chips – 45
  • Caustic Soda – 29 to 43
  • Cement Portland – 30 to 44
  • Cottonseed dry (Delinted) – 29
  • Flour wheat – 35 to 40
  • Graphite Flakes – 30 to 44
  • Rice Hulled or Polished – 19
  • Salt Common dry fine – 25
  • Sand Dry – 35
  • Soda Ash – 32 to 37
  • Sugar Refined – 30 to 44
  • Wheat – 28
  • Zinc Oxide – 45
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Technical Details

01. Number of Valves122
02 A. Weight Range25 Kg to 100 Kg15 Kg. to 100 Kg.10 Kg. to 100 Kg
02 B. Bagging rate Bags/Minute2/34/58/12
03. Accuracy under working condition± 150 Gms± 100 Gms.±100 Gms.
04. Accuracy at full Capacity±0.15%± 0.1%± 0.1 %
05. Provision of Flow rate adjustmentNot ProvidedProvidedProvided
06. ActutationManualManualElectro Pneumatic
06. Final Stopping of flow of materialManualAutomaticAutomatic
06. Cumulative Bag CounterNot ProvidedProvided MechanicaProvided Electrical
06. Suitability for free flowing materialGoodGoodGood
06. Suitability for slight sticky materialGoodGood with Screw / Belt feederGood with Screw / Belt feeder
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